Barry E. Lefkowitz, Chairman



Barry is Chairman for New Jersey Friends of the Guard and Reserve (NJFOGR), a non-profit organization that supports members of the Reserve components of the United States Armed Forces and the New Jersey National Guard and their families and works in close co-operation with the New Jersey Committee for the Support of the Guard and Reserve (NJESGR), a sub-committee of the National Committee for the Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).  ESGR is an Agency within the Department of Defense. 

Barry has an illustrious background with over four decades of government, regulatory, economic development, media and educational experience at the federal, state, local and International levels. He is responsible for the passage of over 400 bills signed into law including the “Real Interstate Driver’s Equity Act”, and Trademark Counterfeiting Act. This past year, Bar co-founded and managed the New Jersey Taxicab Association and is one of the lead lobbyists on State legislation to regulate TNCs in NJ and other states. Presently, he serves as the Economic Development Consultant for the City of Vineland. Additionally, because of his role as an Outreach Coordinator for the Employee Support of the Guard and Reserves and Vice-Chairman of the Eagle Foundation for the US Airforce Expeditionary Center located at the Joint Military Base located in Burlington County, he is very sensitive to the needs of our returning veterans.

Barry helped create and fund them Workforce Development Program at Rowan College at Burlington County in conjunction with the NJ Technology and Manufacturing Association. Further, he is working with the State Legislature and Congress on legislation referred to as the Volunteers in Medicine to provide tax credits for retired professionals in the various fields of health and counseling to volunteer time for wrap around services for Veterans housing projects.

Presently he serves as President Emeritus of the Greater Lumberton Regional Business Association, Co-Vice–Chair of the Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) Foundation Board, Senior Adjunct Professor of Political Science (RCBC), Chairman of the Board of two non-profit and President and Co-Founder of the Board of Trustees for his church.