New Jersey Friends of the Guard and Reserves Inc. (NJFOGR) is a not-for-profit organization in the State of New Jersey which qualifies under Section 501(c ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a public charity.

NJFOGR Mission

The objective of the New Jersey Friends of the Guard and Reserve (NJFOGR) shall be to support members of the Reserve components of the United States Armed Forces and the New Jersey National Guard and their families.  NJFOGR shall work in close co-operation with the New Jersey Committee for the Support of the Guard and Reserve (NJESGR), a sub-committee of the National Committee for the Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).  ESGR is an Agency within the Department of Defense.


NJFOGR recognizes that members of the Guard and Reserve are a vital part of the total military force of the United States and must be in a constant state of readiness to respond immediately in times of National emergencies, crises or war.  In order for the men and women in the Reserve and National Guard to be in a steady state of readiness, they must train continuously placing tremendous burdens on their families and their employers, all of whom make sacrifices in the name of protecting the American way of life.

NJFOGR provides funds where NJESGR cannot due to fiscal constraint and limitations of law.  NJFOGR can step in as an IRS 503(c)(3) and raise funds for the benefit of our members of the Guard and Reserve.  NJFOGR can approach foundations, corporations and individuals who wish to express their appreciation of the men and women who are often called upon to service the United States in harm’s way by making contributions to NJFOGR as a method of assisting these men and women, and their families.


The New Jersey Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (NJESGR) is a Department of Defense volunteer organization. They provide free education, consultation, and if necessary, mediation for employers of Guard and Reserve employees. NJESGR’s goal is to support New Jersey’s employers who share their employees with the Department of Defense to ensure our national security. Their mission is to gain and maintain support of all public and private employers for the men and women of the National Guard and Reserve as defined by demonstrated employer commitment to employee military service. 

The NJESGR Committee is made up of volunteer business executives, civic leaders, educators, retired and active military personnel, and concerned citizens dedicated to preventing and resolving those employer/employee conflicts that directly impact the retention of our reserve component soldiers,  marines, sailors and airmen. Our 150 members with some help and resources from the National Committee based in Arlington, VA, initiate employer support and education programs including a speakers bureau, ombudsman program, visits to training sites, and through their awards program, recognition of employers whose policies support or encourage participation in the National Guard and Reserve.  By explaining the mission of the National Guard and Reserve and by increasing public awareness of the role of the employer, they hope to develop a dialogue among employers, the state employer support committee, and local National Guard and Reserve unit commanders and members.